Past Projects

Advisors - Hospital at Home (HaH) Program

Thank you to all who have applied. We have received a number of applications and appreciate the interest that has been received. We have now closed the registration process.

Project Description: Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) will be soon launching a new program called, Hospital at Home (HaH), a recognized care model that aims to deliver hospital-level treatment in the comfort and familiarity of a patients own home. Before launching this program, VCH wants to refine educational materials and service flow of this new program, and are calling on patient advisors to provide their feedback on HaH.

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Vancouver Community Palliative Services Advisory Group

Thank you for your interest in joining this advisory group. We received several applications in less than a week and will now present them to the project leads to discuss next steps and select members based on the project's criteria.

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Assertive Community Treatment Website Development

We are now pleased to share the engagement report. We would like to express our appreciation for your time and participation in the engagement. Your input has informed the development of the website for the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Services across BC. 

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Focus Group or Survey - "My Medications May Have Changed" leaflet

Thank you for your interest in this project. Three fantastic CEAN member colleagues expressed interest in and contributed to this opportunity.

VCH wants to help patients better understand their medication plan after they leave hospital, as some patients may not adjust their medications after their hospital stay. This might happen when a patient does not remember that they have new medications to take or that they need to reduce the dosage or stop the medications that they are taking after discharge.

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CEAN Review

Thank you to everyone who has taken part so far; your input is greatly appreciated and will have a direct impact on the redesign of CEAN. We are currently conducting focus group interviews and will begin working on the report very soon.

Project Description: Community Engagement Advisory Network (CEAN) is a network of patient and family advisors, volunteers and members of public who provide input on quality improvement, service improvement and other engagement projects at Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH).

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Patient Advisor - "Code Blue" training review for staff 

Thank you to all for their interest in applying for this advisor position. We had two wonderful CEAN member colleagues express interest and contribute to this opportunity.   

Project Description: The Mock Code Blue Simulation Program helps train healthcare staff in responding to a code blue event. This training program has an opportunity to involve patient/family/public partners for their input in improving the quality of the communication when a care team reports to the Code Blue Team upon their arrival. 

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Feedback - Standardizing Cardiac Surgery Patient Resource Guide

We had no engagement from the community on this project. Let us know what why: email 

Project Description: The VCH / PHC Regional Cardiac Program is updating information resources to help patients prepare for cardiac surgery. We would like your feedback on the draft patient guidebook so that we can make it clear and easy to understand.

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Interviews – Improving access to osteoporosis care

Thanks to all who viewed and participated in this opportunity.  

Project Description: St. Paul’s Hospital is working to improve access to osteoporosis care after a person experiences a fragility facture. You may have experienced a fragility fracture if you fell from standing height and/or with minimal trauma, leading to fracture. We are looking to interview those who have experienced hip, back, leg or arm fragility fractures and had received care at St. Paul’s Hospital for the fracture.

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PCN Steering Committees - Vancouver Division of Family Practice

Thanks to all who viewed this opportunity. The deadline has now passed. Thank you for your interest.  

Together with Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH), the Vancouver Divisions of Family Practice (VDoFP) is supporting the development of Primary Care Networks in Vancouver, engaging with Primary Care Providers to connect them to their networks and provide better primary care for patients and families. The committees are seeking to add 2 – 3 additional Patient Partners who receive their primary care (provided by a family physician or nurse practitioner) in Vancouver. An honorarium will be provided for participation.

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COVID-19 Vaccination Survey

This survey is now closed. You can access the report to the findings of the survey here. Thank you to everyone who has participated.

Project Description: VCH is launched a brief survey to hear from those in the VCH region about the COVID-19 vaccine information they need most, whether they plan to get a COVID-19 vaccine and the information needed at the vaccination clinics. The learnings will help ensure VCH is providing the most relevant materials about the COVID-19 vaccination program in the region.

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Tertiary Mental Health Substance Use Mandate Review

Thanks to everyone who joined this project.

Project Description: The current VCH Tertiary MHSU service mandates were created in 2010 when the Health Authority was planning to decentralize services provided at Riverview Hospital.

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Interviews - Patient lifts in ensuite bathrooms and in-patient mental health units

Thanks to everyone who viewed this project

Project Description: This engagement did not receive much interest from our community. The project team has decided to continue onwards with their planning.

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VCH Translation and Interpretation Engagement

Many thanks to everyone who has provided input so far

Project Description: The engagement has so far consisted of 14 focus groups, 13 one-on-one interviews, and a general population survey (800 responses). We are in the process of collating and theming all the responses, and will soon be able to report back on key findings.

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VCH Website Redevelopment

A big thank you to everyone who has been involved so far - your input is great appreciated and will directly inform the redesign of the website. 

Project Description: VCH has initiated the redesign of the VCH website. Since the start of the project, the project team has hosted 18 focus groups with different interests and needs. We have received feedback from more than 100 people.

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Feedback Survey - Pre-surgery kit for patients

The engagement has concluded, and the feedback is now closed. Thank you to all who provided input! 

Project Description: VCH's Enhanced Recovery After Surgery program looked for feedback on a card that will be included in a pre-surgery kit. The card is intended to briefly explain the content in the pre-surgery kit while highlighting the key research based components that will aid in their preparation and recovery from surgery.

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Interviews - Improving patient discharges at Lions Gate Hospital

August 2021

The engagement has concluded, and the feedback is now closed. Thank you to all who provided input! 

The Lions Gate Hospital looked for feedback on how to make patient discharges to their homes better after receiving care at the hospital. When a patient goes home after receiving care at a hospital, this process is known as being "discharged". The discharge process can sometimes be complicated, and getting feedback to make it better means a better experience for patients and their families.

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Family Advisor - Carlile Youth Concurrent Disorders Centre Quality Council

Thank you for your interest. This community engagement opportunity is now closed. 

Project Description: The Carlile Youth Concurrent Disorders Centre ("The Carlile Centre") sought a family advisor/liaison for their monthly Quality Council. The Carlile Centre is a 10-bed inpatient unit within Lions Gate Hospital. It is a brief 3-week stabilization and treatment program that admits both involuntary and voluntary youth between the ages of 13-18. The majority of our youth meet the criteria for concurrent mental health disorders and substance use disorders.

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Feedback on the Provincial Primary Care Network (PCN) Brand

The engagement has concluded, and the feedback is now closed. Thank you to all who provided input! 

Project Description: The Ministry of Health is working to create a provincial visual brand for primary care networks (PCNs). Your support and participation are needed to ensure diverse voices and perspectives are heard in this process. Primary care is the first point of access into the health-care system which includes regular checkups, care for pregnant people and care for chronic medical conditions, like diabetes.

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Mental Health Act Rights Advice Service 

Many thanks to everyone who has participated in this engagement opportunity. All the input has now been submitted to the Ministry of Attorney General, and the Ministry has provided an update. Follow this link to the ministry's April 28, 2022 announcement.

Project Description: The BC Ministry of Attorney General, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions, sought individuals and families with lived/living experience of the involuntary mental health system in British Columbia to participate in a consultation on a potential rights advice service for individuals involuntarily detained under the Mental Health Act.

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Member, Patient Health Education Materials (PHEM) Committee

Many thanks to everyone who has participated in this engagement opportunity.

Project Description: VCH has patient health education materials that are written by VCH staff for the purposes of education to patients and families. The materials exist in hard copy and an online catalogue accessible by the general public. Patients and families are involved in giving feedback to clinical staff as they are creating education materials; this will be done through online surveys about four to eight times a month.

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Advance Care Planning Virtual Workshops | 網上預先安排護理計劃講座(普通話)

The engagement has concluded, and the Workshop is now closed. Thank you to all! 

Project Description: ACP means that we need to have conversations about our health care wishes. The workshop helps you start working on your own advanced care plan.

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